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  • Dr Tim Leeuwenburg
    Tim is a rural GP anaesthetist living and working on Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia. He blogs about rural emergency medicine and procedures. Tim is passionate about the future of rural health and aims to provide ‘quality care, out there.’
  • Dr Edwin Kruys
  • Dr Casey Parker
  • Dr Minh Le Cong
    Minh works with the Royal Flying Doctors from Cairns in QLD. He blogs about emergency airway management, retrieval medicine and prehospital care.
  • Dr Mel Clothier
    Mel is a rural GP registrar in Clare, South Australia blogging about her experiences as she is training and living in a country community.
  • Dr Dave Chessor
  • Dr Penny Wilson
    Penny is a rural GP obstetrician currently providing locum services in Western Australia. She is posting clinical education cases and observations that stem from her nomadic worklife.
  • Dr Gerry Considine
    Gerry is a rural GP registrar based in SA with interests in medical education, rural health, aviation and registrar advocacy. His blog covers all these aspects with some occasional humour.
  • Dr Marlene Pearce

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  1. Sarah Ahmed September 9, 2013

    and for a collated set of eHealth resources for aboriginal health theres :)

  2. Jonathan - referralMD September 9, 2013

    Please take a look at a great website for social media and marketing how-to guides for doctors –

    Let me know your thoughts.

  3. Prue Anderson September 26, 2013

    Australian GPs are entitled to free access to the monthly, peer reviewed journal of clinical practice, Medicine Today @
    Register for use on the website and use the same log on details to access Medicine Today for iPad.


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